Istria Calendar June – September 2016

June – September 2016 – Natural Food Festivals and Things to Know about Croatian Gourmet Goodness

It’s clear that Croatia has Festivals for many things, not least the Natural Food Festivals, throughout the country.

Croatian cuisine is diverse and offers the freshest products in its regional dishes, and menus vary accordingly by season and region, which gives locals plenty of reason to celebrate. And there is nothing Croats love better than to celebrate with food festivals. Total Croatia News report 25 Things to Know about Croatia, saying  If it grows, it is celebrated…

Nearer to home in Istria, we have Istra Gourmet who hold Gastronomic events in Medulin each Monday and Tuesday from 1st July – 15th September from 8-11pm. Producers present typical Istrian gastronomy products such as truffles, prosciutto, cheese, olive oil, wines and different homemade brandies.

The Croatian region of Istria, apart from being one of the top holiday destinations, is also famous for its local wines and food delicacies. If you’re planning to visit Croatia, this is the area you definitely shouldn’t miss!

Autumn is the time of great food and wine festivals, and as Istria is famous for authentic Teran wine and truffles, autumn is the best time to visit! The Exhibition of Istrian Teran wine producers, truffles and a selection of the largest truffle will be held again this year in the town of Motovun.