Istria Calendar October 2016

Wow! Where has the summer gone? It didn’t seem that long ago that we were all sitting on the sunny beaches in Porec, the nearby Špadići, Rovinj and Vrsar. Right through ’til the end of September, the weather was excellent and  everyone came back with great tans. We were able to eat lunch on terraces outside beautiful konobas and restaurants, on the beaches and by swimming pools. However, the temperature drops suddenly around 7 pm so, if you still want to eat outside in the evenings, you’ll need cardigans or jumpers at this time of year. In October, the weather remains mild with clear blue skies during the day, which means you can still attend a host of activities in and around Porec.

Whether it’s a culinary affair, a musical spectacle, a folklore dance extravaganza, a local festival, an artistic exhibit or a world class sports competition you will always find something to suit your interests. The events posted here are not just about entertainment, but a chance to familiarize yourself with the local traditions and tastes of Istria. Check the list and fulfill your vacation while staying in one of our Apartments in Porec. Of course, there’s lots more to do all year round in Istria and if you’d like further details, please just ask.

3rd Enduro Grozni Grožnjan 16.10.2016

Grozni Grožnjan is the name of a demanding Cycle enduro race hosted in the popular town of artists. This race is scored for the SloEnduro Cup as well as the Croatian State Championships. As the discipline is as dynamic and exciting for the competitors as for the audience, racing tracks are set as close to each other as possible to provide spectators with the maximum visibility. Guaranteed fun for all participants and the picturesque Grožnjan will ensure even non-cyclists are pleasantly surprised.

22.10 and 23.10.2016
Weekend bike and gourmet tour

If you like cycling, discovering natural beauties and gourmet delicacies, join in for the 2nd Weekend Bike Gourmet Tour to be held in Rovinj.

In two days of adventure, you will cross 90 kilometers of organized bike tracks around Rovinj and Bale, enjoy hidden natural beauties, taste Istrian delicacies, local wine and olive oil, and inhale the scent of aromatic herbs.

10.09.2016 – 06.11.2016
Buzet, Motovun, Livade,

Truffle days in Istria

Truffle days in Istria

The “Day of Truffles” events are actually a succession of truffle-themed days that take place every weekend throughout autumn. You will enjoy tasting various food and dishes flavoured with this Istrian specialty.

The intense flavour of these ‘Royal mushrooms’ was known to the ancient Greeks and the Roman emperors, and was served at the French court and among the Austro-Hungarian aristocracy. Today, however, truffles are served with various fish and meat dishes in almost every good Istrian restaurant and are especially popular in combination with homemade pasta.

Truffles are very rare and only grow in a few locations in Europe – in some parts of France and Italy and in Istria. October is the top season for white truffles, which are also the most expensive and the most valuable truffles. You’ll find plenty of information on these events on the Zigante Tartufi Days website.

The Marunada is a festival devoted to chestnuts in October – sampling chestnut delicacies & chestnut liqueurs, collecting chestnuts…and plenty of games and sports events too! The Marunada takes place in various venues, mainly near Lovran in Istria.

The sixth annual Pula Boat Fair should be held in mid-October 2016, with a variety of boats and marine equipment expected to be on display.
Tinjan in Istria is the venue of the 10th International Prosciutto Fair (late October), with around 30 exhibitors from several European countries expected to show off their products. We happened upon this festival a few years ago and came away laden with prosciutto, cheese, olive and grappa for our evening meal and lunch the next day. It’s now become an annual affair for us, given that our friends’ villa is just round the corner.

Apart from being famous as the smallest town in the world, it has also been recently promoted as the Town of Biska. Biska is mistletoe brandy whose original recipe comes from Hum. Every year at the end of October Hum is the host of a Brandy Exhibit with tastings of brandies from Istria and other nearby regions where a competition for the best brandy in Istria is organized.