Living the Dream

Istria isn’t just for holidays, it’s for life!

Rovinj clear blue sea

Rovinj clear blue sea

Have you ever wanted to flee from the rat-race, escape the monotony, live the life you want or just get away (and stay away) from it all?

Well, that’s just what we’ve done by moving to Porec in the Istrian peninsula of Croatia. It’s taken us many years, with lots of mistakes, headaches, heartaches, red tape and let downs along the way but we wouldn’t change it for anything.



Build a Villa

Plans front aspect

Now, with our up-to-date knowledge of building regulations and Croatian laws together with firm friendships and partnerships locally, our best friends have taken the leap!

Their four bedroom, four bathroom villa with large kitchen, living and dining area is almost complete and comes with an outdoor pool.

Their grown up children and the little ones are waiting to follow and we’re in the process of finding renovation projects for them to start on their dream home.

Just imagine:

  • buying your own old stone ruin on a generous plot of land and rebuild it around your needs and wants i.e. add a ‘granny flat’ for all those extra guests flocking to visit you, extra shower rooms, open plan kitchen and dining area,  underfloor heating, solar panels or sunny terraces to sit and enjoy the stunning views, have your morning coffee or a nice glass of locally produced and inexpensive wine during balmy evenings
  • adding a pool and enjoy swimming with your family and friends throughout the summer months or, if you dare, swim many laps in the cold water over the winter months.  However, you could use solar panels to heat the pool
  • building an outdoor konoba and surprise your guests with a huge table and seating where together you can prepare and make delicious fresh pizzas in your stone oven or enjoy amazing bbq’s, casseroles and homemade bread baked on your own brick built barbeque. The heat will also keep you warm during cooler nights, even in winter.  Add a fridge for your summer cocktails, wine and beer and a sink or dishwasher so everyone can share the washing up
  • growing your own fruit, vegetables and salads, ‘living off the land’, providing fresh, healthy stock for your meals and from which you can make pasata, pickles, jams, chutneys etc to last you through the year and still have enough to give guests as gifts
  • growing your own olives; take them to a local olive presser, watch the process as it turns into extra virgin olive which you can use throughout the year and sell or swap any excess
  • buying your own pigs and making sausages, chops, salamis and Croatian pršut (similar to Prosciutto) to feed your friends and family
  • chopping your own wood or have it delivered for your bbq and to provide an inexpensive heating and hot water system

Istria appeals to all your senses.

You will feel the warmth of the sun, the coolness in the pool or the sensation of the sea water at many of the stunning beaches.

You’ll hear nothing but the songbirds in the peaceful surrounding of your own home or you’ll hear the quiet buzz of people in the local towns,villages, cafes, bars and beaches.

You’ll see bright blue skies, stunning views and scenery everywhere you go, be it the beaches, the local towns and villages or the mountains with their quaint bars and stunning terraces where you can see for miles.

You’ll smell the delicious aromas from local restaurants where they’ll cook fresh fish to order or better still, your own barbeque. Take in the smell of the ocean, the fragrant lavender which is grown locally or just the fresh air in general.

Your taste buds will be forever surprised by the fresh, organic and locally grown foods. Savour the delicious local wines, olives, sea foods, fish.  Sample some of our favourite, inexpensive and carefully selected cafe-bars or gourmet restaurants where you can feast on delightful local seafood, steaks with truffle sauce or be daring and try steak tartare.