Building a new villa photo’s

Having visited us many times over the last few years, two of our best friends have decided to pack up and join us in Istria – to start living their dream. First, they had to find somewhere to live and after a brief search, we helped them to find a generous plot in nearby Kringa, a few kilometers from Porec. The plot came with plans to build a detached four bedroom villa, all with en-suite bathrooms and space for a swimming pool.

Our Project Manager Tomi (who speaks four languages) and the FeelIstria Building Team together with local tradesmen and contractors were ready and works commenced at the end of 2015. First the land had to be cleared of all unwanted stonework, debris, old plants and bushes before being flattened and prepared, ready to put the footings in. Not without its problems however, due to the rain after the holiday period, when work had to grind to a halt.

Electricity and water were high on the list of priorities so roads and pathways had to be dug up – of course with the consent of the neighbours, who are German and fortunately Tomi was always around to translate. Having completed these tasks, together with the footings and foundations, the brickwork and stonework could begin.

As at beginning of May 2016, the external of the building is almost finished and the pool has been dug out. The roof is on, windows and doors have been fitted and the electricians, tilers, plasterers and painters have now moved inside. The staircase is almost complete, the living room and kitchen floors have been tiled and the walls in each of the four en-suite bathrooms are now tiled. All internal walls have been rendered and are almost dry enough to paint and the atmosphere on the construction site has remained really laid back and friendly. The locals have been welcoming and are interested in our progress and in what we’re doing.

Almost ready to go shopping for the good stuff now; the kitchen and bathroom furniture together with sofas and beds.

We’ll keep you updated!